About Plaček group

We are a family run business dedicated to pets since 1986 which was founded by Dušan Plaček.

Our company is one of the key players in the European pet care business.

Our commercial activities cover wholesale and global export, pet stores with a grooming service and e-commerce.

Our annual turnover exceeds 200 million euros.

More than 2,000 employees work in our companies.

We operate over 270 retail pet shops and stores in CZ, LV, PL, SK and RO, and our wholesale channel distributes pet products to more than 1,000 customers, including pet retail stores, pet shops, veterinarians and e-commerce across 20 countries.

As the innovative leader, we set benchmarks for the fastest delivery, e-commerce trends, loyalty programmes, professional consultations and training, veterinarian services, family events and grooming.


Our branded stores offer selected pets from small mammals, birds to reptiles. Pet owners are provided with everything they need to be able to look after their pets, such as pet food, treats, toys, bedding, litter, cosmetics and clothes. Answering to the latest trends in pet care, our customers get professional consultations and training, veterinarian services, family events and grooming for their pets in select stores.

Number of our stores


Our history

The history of the company started long before its actual establishment.

The first milestone of this business was the opportunity to sell fish and plants on the then popular regular Exchange markets in the Holešovice market in Prague and in the markets in Kolín in 1986. This is how the SUPER ZOO brand was born, without even knowing it.

In autumn 1991, the history of Plaček s.r.o. began. It initially focused on the creation and development of wholesale breeding needs.

From a start-up of 3 people, a standard company began to be born, which needed facilities, and therefore the first own warehouse was built with several offices, thereby forming the basis of the current company premises on the outskirts of Poděbrady.

1986 - Dušan Plaček alongside his father sent the first tropical fish to Germany and Italy

1991 - Start of business in Russia, wholesale

1991 - Plaček s.r. o. , wholesale company was founded in the Poděbrady, Czech Republic

1993 - Start of business in Slovakia, wholesale

1996 - The company built its first building – warehouses and offices

2001 - Start of business in Latvia, wholesale

2003 - Dušan Plaček founded a joint venture together with Dutch partner Beaphar BV – Beaphar Eastern Europe s.r.o.

2004 - After 13 successful years in wholesale Super zoo brand (retail) was born

2007 - Acquisition of DINO ZOO pet shops in Latvia, retail

2007 - Company Hagen Russia was founded in Moscow

2008 - Merger in Slovakia - Plaček Slovakia with Premium Plus (former Amazon pet shops)

2013 - Start of business in Poland, wholesale

2014 - Acquisition of KAKADU pet shops in Poland, retail

2015 - E-commerce operations were started in the Czech Republic, and then Latvia, Slovakia and Poland

2019 - Dino ZOO Russia – first mega pet store was opened in Russia

2019 - Super zoo Romania – first store was opened in Buzau

2020 - 262 stores across 6 countries (CZ, SK, LV, PL, RU, RO)

Our business model - omnichannel

Retail & E-commerceIt is created by an extensive network of more than 270 pet stores and pet shop chains with e-commerce: Superzoo in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, Dino zoo in Latvia, Kakadu in Poland and Zoo market, our new pet stop chain in Czech Republic.
WholesaleThe wholesale channel distributes pet products to more than 1,000 customers including pet retail stores, pet shops, veterinarians and e-commerce. Our distribution centre organise annual Customer Days, which is visited by many of our customers. It is focused less on obtaining orders and much more on networking.
ExportThe Plaček Group has been expanding rapidly and, therefore, we are always looking for strategic partners and/or joint ventures abroad for the exclusive distribution of our brands, including REPTI PLANET, ONTARIO, PROSPERA, RASCO PREMIUM, NATURE LAND and others. At the same time, we are also looking for retail partners that are interested in expanding our Super Zoo concept in their own country. If you click the following link, you can watch a video featuring one of our Super Zoo stores in the Czech Republic. For further information, please contact klaus.reimueller@placek.cz
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Our board of directors

Dušan Plaček
Owner and CEO
Luboš Rejchrt
Karel Čermák
Jiří Romanov
František Polda
Export Business Development Director
Peter Kováč
Retail Director CZ SUPER ZOO
Kaspars Silke
Retail Director LV DINO ZOO
Grzegorz Walaszczyk
Retail Director PL KAKADU
Norbert Szimeth
Retail Director SK SUPER ZOO